Surviving Social Distancing

Social Distancing

The BTHS team are taking every precaution they can to keep each other safe - one being working from home. Asking around our team we have discovered what our people are doing to keep themselves occupied outside of office hours - here's some team tips:

  • Stay connected. Stay in touch with family and friends to make sure they're safe and okay. A little 'hey' can go a long way.
  • Don't feel guilty! It's ok to lounge around, binge Netflix and eat snacks.
  • Re-organise your wardrobe. Make your environment a nice place to be. A tidy wardrobe makes for a tidy mind. This is the perfect excuse to get on top of your messy sneaker collection or sort out your wardrobe. Get some items ready to sell or donate to charity.
  • Work out! Your body is used to movement, so move it! Look up some home workouts on YouTube to keep you motivated and feeling good. 
  • Online shop - keep the style up. Once we are all in the clear, you still want to be looking your best, right? Bonus points if you shop from a small business.
  • Cook. Cooking a nice healthy meal for whoever you are self isolating with (even if you are flying solo) can be a great way to kick some time, and be productive.
  • Lastly - Stay safe. We wish all of our customers the very best of health.

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