Techwear | Get the Look

Techwear | Get the Look

Techwear began as a fashion movement that emphasized a union between aesthetics, utility, and comfort. The techwear aesthetic is heavily influenced by futuristic styles such as cyberpunk and then mixed up with military-style for practicality and durability.

Utilitarian workwear, cross-body bags, performance sneakers, and high-tech accessories are amongst the layers of easy but stylish darkwear - Also popular are strappy bomber jackets on top of hoodies, and of course the wardrobe essential cargo pants. Let's face it, who doesn't like wearing a military-esque harness that looks born for battle?

Fundamentally, techwear has had it's criticism for being expensive - due to the detailed finishes and the durability. But here we have sourced and created an online market place for high quality, affordable pieces.

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