MADEN 'Kicks 96' Skate Sneakers

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MADEN 'Kicks 96' Skate Sneakers

MADEN 'Kicks 96' Chunky Sneakers feature an old school 90's skate aesthetic with low-top silhouette, round toe, and distinctive lacing. Constructed with a unique combination of synthetic leather and mesh overlays, these chunky sneakers are padded for comfort and feature X-stitch and Zig Zag stitching details. True to size fit and extra laces included.

  • Synthetic leather and mesh overlays.
  • Padded style
  • Distinctive lacing
  • Extra laces included
  • Fits true to size
  • Round toe
  • X-stitch detail
  • Low-top silhouette
  • Zig Zag stitching
  • Aesthetic: Old school 90's skate


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