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      Paris Mens Fashion Week 2022 Street Style

      A look at the best street style from Men's Fashion Week in Paris

      This season’s attendees opted for a more understated approach. Puffer jackets and vests were a popular choice this season, both for their functionality and comfort.  

      Sneakers remain dominant in men’s footwear, with skate and runner styles as the most popular whilst chunky shoes and futuristic boot styles continue to grow.

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      Get the look:

      puffer jacket

      puffer scarf

      thermal eve rain boots

      mini beanie balaclava

      derby shoes




      Update on VAT

      Update on VAT

      We understand a number of our customers have been concerned about extra VAT charges on their orders. We are happy to confirm we cover the cost of VAT on all purchases. 

      Best Unisex Varsity Jackets for 2021

      Varsity Jackets

      Varsity jackets, or also known as 'letterman' jackets debuted as a sports garment, regularly seen in high school hallways, or baseball fields. That was until the recent discovery, that they really are an effortlessly cool streetwear wardrobe staple. With their colour block design, and their strong, hardwearing fabric - it is no wonder why the world has gone varsity jacket mad! 

      Check out our varsity collection here







      Washed Out Loungewear

      If you’re living in sweats right now, we don’t blame you – staying home requires oversized ‘fits and comfy joggers. But how do you switch it up to keep your style looking and feeling fresh?

      The relaxed tracksuit is the easiest way to tap into the sleep-to-street trend as the lines between lounge and daywear remain blurred. Look to faded pastel shades to introduce colour - oversized fits feel luxe and sophisticated. Look for dropped shoulders and wider sleeves that hit at the crook of the elbow. Washed and tie-dye finishes will keep you ahead of the pack.

      While social distancing during this weird time, we’ve got all you need to make sure your loungewear looks are not only video-chat ready, but extra comfy, too. 

      Surviving Social Distancing

      Social Distancing

      The BTHS team are taking every precaution they can to keep each other safe - one being working from home. Asking around our team we have discovered what our people are doing to keep themselves occupied outside of office hours - here's some team tips:

      • Stay connected. Stay in touch with family and friends to make sure they're safe and okay. A little 'hey' can go a long way.
      • Don't feel guilty! It's ok to lounge around, binge Netflix and eat snacks.
      • Re-organise your wardrobe. Make your environment a nice place to be. A tidy wardrobe makes for a tidy mind. This is the perfect excuse to get on top of your messy sneaker collection or sort out your wardrobe. Get some items ready to sell or donate to charity.
      • Work out! Your body is used to movement, so move it! Look up some home workouts on YouTube to keep you motivated and feeling good. 
      • Online shop - keep the style up. Once we are all in the clear, you still want to be looking your best, right? Bonus points if you shop from a small business.
      • Cook. Cooking a nice healthy meal for whoever you are self isolating with (even if you are flying solo) can be a great way to kick some time, and be productive.
      • Lastly - Stay safe. We wish all of our customers the very best of health.